Finding a Stray Animal

* Please note, AniMall does not take in animals. Read on for what to do if you find a homeless pet. *

What To Do if You Find a Stray Pet

The first step to take after you find a stray pet is to try to locate its owner. You should take the pet to a vet to have it scanned for a microchip. It is FREE to get the animal scanned; it is quick and you don’t need an appointment. Next, you can place a “Found” ad in the paper or on the internet for FREE. Putting up flyers around where you found the animal is also recommended, and calling local shelters to see if anyone is looking for a pet matching the one you found is a must.

If after trying to find the pet’s owner nothing turns up, then it is time to try to find a new home for the animal.

If You Can’t Find the Owners

This is never an easy situation, and unfortunately there no easy solution as there are simply far more pets that need homes than there are homes for them. A great resource for you is to reach out to the pet rescue groups on our website. Most rescue groups are “no-kill;”  however this means that they fill up quickly and are often already at full capacity.

A rescue group is more likely to take an animal into its program if you can either foster the pet in your home until it is adopted or sponsor the pet through a cash donation to help cover the medical, food, and housing costs of taking in the animal.

We wish you the best of luck in finding a home for this stray pet.

Thanks again for helping homeless animals,