Dog Training Classes at AniMall


Looking for a convenient location and expert advice in training your new (or old) dog? With AniMall exclusively partnering with Topline K9 Solutions, you have a winning combination at your fingertips.

Topline K9 Solutions is here to help you achieve a ‘well-mannered’ dog at home and in public. We teach and show you proper communication and leadership and help you establish an understanding between you and your dog. Our training techniques provide you with the results you have been looking for to develop a great relationship with your canine buddy.

We focus on Manners and Behaviors.

  • Our Group Classes give you the socialization and distractions that your dog needs to reliably listen to you, so s/he wants to come when called, walks nicely on the leash, etc.
  • A Private Session at your home is beneficial for immediate results.
  • Our K9 Training School will give you the relief you need and save you time and frustration.

We provide education and tools for you and your dog to have a successful training experience. We strive to have open communication with our clients before, during, and after training has been completed to ensure your dog’s success!

Components that ensure your success:

  • Small classes of only six dogs, so you and your pet get more individual attention.
  • Leadership skills so your dog will take your requests seriously the first time and respect you.
  • Easy steps for improving your dog self-control … preventing or eliminating jumping, excessive barking, and other such problems.
  • Instructors with years of solid, hands-on experience, not just hours of video time.


Questions? Contact us at  or call (919) 714-9846.

Customize for your needs: We can customize most of your needs. Contact Beth or Sylvie if needed.


Our Services Include:

  • Home Manners Classes
  • Community Manners Classes
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification
  • ‘Well-Mannered Dog’ Seminar
  • Rowdy Rover Package
  • Pet Therapy Classes
  • Private Lessons
  • K9 Training School
  • Continuing Education


Home Manners Classes

(3 mos and above—for younger pups, consider a Private Lesson to get going on the right paw!)

Starting with Home Manners, you can establish your dog’s house and neighborhood manners. You will build the basic foundation before moving forward to Community Manners.

Included in your class is our seminar called ‘How to Have a Well-Mannered Dog’. We offer it monthly for our class clients. We also have class commands and behavior handouts as a reference during your training classes.

The skills you will learn to use through leadership will help you communicate easily with your dog so s/he will listen to you for everything. Learning commands, such as Sit, Down, Wait, Off, Settle, and Come will teach you to build your dogs’ self-control and also focus on your expectations. We will show you that walking with your dog in a polite manner can be a healthier bonding experience. Learning correct behavior makes it easier for your dog to understand not to jump on people, bark at other dogs and people, politely greet people and their dogs, not destroy anything in your home, and nip at people. Our goal is for you to have a happier and more fulfilling relationship with your dog by communicating with your dog in a way that s/he understands.

Please visit our website for more details or questions on pricing, schedules, etc. or call (919) 714-9846.


Community Manners Classes

(Prerequisite: Home Manners)

This class focuses on having your dog learn to have manners in your community, at parks, at pet stores, eating at a café, etc. You will be applying your basic Home Manners skills to a public atmosphere with distractions.

Having your dog listen to you around joggers, strollers, kids on bicycles and people walking their dogs are real-life situations that you can enjoy with your dog. We show you how to accomplish this at 6 different parks in the Raleigh community.

We will cover the next step to the Come command to solidify it in public where it counts the most, incorporating more distance work to your foundation.

And we role play for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification. You may take the test with us to prepare you for any future activities with your dog such as pet therapy, agility, etc.


Rowdy Rovers Package

If your dog is over-excited, rambunctious, and hyper at home and in public, this is the package for you! Lunging, barking, or reacting aggressively or seemingly aggressively toward people and/or dogs is a very unpleasant experience for you and other people. We will show you how to teach your dog to behave politely in public around people and dogs, and to remain calm around various distractions and situations. The goal is for you to be proud of your calmer dog in public.

Through a two-step approach, we will start with a Private session at your home environment for 1.5 hours so we can eliminate any behaviors that are transferring to the public issues as well as ensure that your dog is listening to you prior to the public venue. After that, you will join a class of a few dogs at a park for 3 weeks at an hour a week on Saturdays at 10:00 am to adjust the dogs’ behavior out in a public atmosphere.


‘Well-mannered dog’ Seminar

The secrets to canine good manners

  • Is your dog still not listening to you?
  • Out of control?
  • Barking?
  • Jumping?
  • Not coming?
  • Are you having trouble with nipping, housetraining, chewing, etc.?
  • Learn the proper way to educate your dog so he does respond to your commands.
  • And learn about behavior issues such as nipping, housetraining, chewing, jumping, and any out of control behaviors.


Pet Therapy

(We have this class a few times a year when they are requested by our clients)

This class is for adult dogs who have the prerequisite AKC Canine Good Citizen certification. If your dog absolutely lives to be petted, guess what? Your dog might be a great candidate to give joy to the elderly in nursing homes or kids in hospitals or schools. The class prepares you to test for pet therapy registrations so you can visit nursing homes with a well-behaved canine that you can be proud of. We will give you the options for the organizations who test for pet therapy during class. Also great for further socialization and training, this class is five weeks.


Private Lessons

Enjoy one-on-one instructional sessions at the convenience of your home or different location(s) according to your specific needs.

Topline K9 Solutions offers 1.5 hour long private sessions and can travel to any home within the Triangle area, including but not limited to: Raleigh, Cary, Garner, and Apex.

Private training can be focused on anything from basic obedience to off-leash training. Is your dog barking too much in the home? Chewing on everything they can get their paws on? Are they pulling your shoulder out of socket on walks? Need some refresher training, or want to be sure that your training methods are correct for your dog?

Contact us to schedule your appointment! or

call (919) 714-9846.


K9 Training School

In our K9 Training School Program, we will save you time and frustrations by training your dog for you for 3 weeks in our own homes. We will lay a great foundation to make it easier for you to maintain our work. We do not use shock collars.

Serving the Raleigh and surrounding areas, our experienced trainers provide quality training for your dog.

Why Us?

Our trainers are professional and certified, with years of hands-on experience in dog training and behavior.

By staying in our trainer’s own home, our training is real life. Your dog will be part of our daily routine, and not stuck in a bedroom or basement with a bunch of other dogs to only come out a few times per day to train.

We do not use shock collars.

Your dog will enjoy field trips every 2-3 days to learn polite public manners as well as self-control that will transfer back in your home environment.

We make sure that we transfer the material back to you. No point in your dog listening to just us! He must listen to you primarily. Your first consult will be when we return your dog and will take 1.5 hrs. We will return 1-2 weeks later to check on your progress and bring in any loopholes.

We will be posting photos so you can keep up what your dog is learning.

You can reach out to us anytime for continuing support. We want you to be successful!


Please visit our website for more details or questions, or call (919) 714-9846.