About Fostering

Fostering: All the Perks of Pet Ownership – None of the Pains.*

Fostering is a bit like being a grandparent – you get to spend quality time with the “kids”, spoiling them, hanging out, going places and then you get to GIVE them back when your fostering time is complete. And when you say good-bye to your fosters, it’s often because their dream has come true — they are finally going HOME!

And that’s not all – when you foster you are also providing a much needed service to rescue groups & shelters who are already FULL of animals seeking forever homes. By fostering, you take stress off the rescue/shelter for housing AND give an animal in need a temporary place to live. You are in essence SAVING a life, just by opening your home for a little while.

Imagine being part of this wonderful process. You can start today, all you have to do is contact the Pet Foster Network or any of the rescue groups or shelters on our Rescue page. Find more facts about fostering here.

Who is Fostering Good For?

First time pet owners who aren’t sure they’re ready.
Fostering before you adopt let’s you find out if you are truly ready to add a pet to your life, without the heartbreak of returning a pet after adopting it.

Families who are too busy for a pet but would still like to experience the perks of pet ownership.
If your family moves a lot, travels a lot or is just plain too busy to handle the every day needs of a pet, maybe you’d like to take a pet for a week or month and get your pet “fix” for awhile. After your fostering period ends, if you find you’re suffering from pet withdrawal, simply repeat.

Let’s face it, having kids can be a full-time job and adding a pet is essentially adding another family member. And while most kids love animals, they don’t always recognize the adult demands that pet ownership requires. Fostering is a great compromise. Your kids get to experience having a pet and you don’t get stuck with all the responsbilities of caring for it when they go off to college. Also, fostering allows kids to learn responsibility and doing good for others at a young age.

*When you foster, all vet-care is paid for by the rescue or shelter. Most rescues/shelter will give you food, dishes and other pet accesories for your foster pet. Also, if you need an enclosure or cage for your foster pet, one will be loaned to you for the duration of the foster period. In short, your main responsibilities when fostering are love and attention!