Loyalty Program

Introducing AniMall Rescue Rewards!

AniMall is pleased to announce our unique loyalty program … called Rescue Rewards. Only at AniMall can you support your favorite animal rescue group simply by shopping and buying your every-day necessities for your pets. As always at AniMall, 100% of our proceeds goes to support local animal rescue. And now, with AniMall Rescue Rewards, you can direct a portion of your purchases to a specific rescue of your choice!

How does it work? It’s simple:

1. Visit AniMall and shop for your dog, cat, rabbit, snake, bird, rat, or other pet.
2. At the checkout, sign up for your own Rescue Rewards loyalty card.
3. Pick a rescue group that you want to support from the list of rescues that are part of the AniMall Network.
To find an AniMall Network rescue group, visit the Rescues page and look for the AniMall Network logo.
4. A portion of your sale will be given to that rescue as a donation.

Everybody wins!

Stop by AniMall and pick up your Rescue Rewards card today!