Rescue Groups

AniMall Supports Local Rescue Groups

AniMall shares the mission of¬†animal rescue organizations in finding the best homes possible for homeless pets. In fact, that is why we are here! Many local animal rescue groups are at their core a network of foster homes responsible¬†for temporarily housing and careing for their foster pets until they can find a forever home. And these groups rely on rescue events and the Internet to give visibility to these pets. That’s where AniMall comes in.

We are open seven days a week, and are located in a popular mall visited by thousands of people each day. Where else can your foster pets get such exposure?

How Does It Work?

Every Saturday and Sunday, AniMall opens our doors to the rescue groups, providing the space the showcase their animals, and the potential owners looking for their next perfect pet. In addition, we have a number of smaller animals – like rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, and hamsters – in-house every day looking for a new home.

And our “Cat Shack” is always booked with available cats from local rescues … ready for a scratch on the ears and ready to go home.

Online Resources

When you are a rescue organization affiliated with AniMall, you get more than the benefit of unparalleled visibility for your animals. The AniMall website features a continuously-updated list of available animals from our affiliated rescue organizations – check it out for yourself in the Adopt section. When you partner with AniMall, your animals will get the extra exposure of visibility on not just your website, but the AniMall site as well.

Learn More

If you are a local rescue group who wants to get involved with AniMall, contact Jaime at or 919-465-2500.