Board of Directors

Dan Richards

Dan Richards


Dan and his wife, Talena Chavis, had a heart for animal rescue from the time they rescued their first guinea pig. Initially Prime Outlets of Morrisville agreed to donate space for a pet adoption center after after seeing a proposal by local rescue activists Audie Schechter and Barbara Lapointe. When neither was able to take the reins, Dan was brought on to run the space. Dan and Talena’s tireless efforts brought AniMall from concept to the space in Cary Towne Center. Dan has a certificate in Non Profit Management from Duke University. He has helped numerous rescues structure their organizations and obtain their nonprofit status. He is an expert in wellness and nutrition for pets. While Dan has stepped away from the day to day operations of AniMall, he continues to provide his guidance and expertise as a board member.

Jeremiah Adams

Executive Director

Jeremiah spent 8 years in the telecommunications industry in a retail environment. He came to AniMall as a volunteer in 2007 and his passion for saving animals was born. His best friend Midnight is a shelter dog that he met at AniMall. Jeremiah is an expert in pet wellness and nutrition, constantly researching ingredients and manufacturing processes. He sees AniMall as a critical link between rescue organziations and the general public. He pours his passion for animals and his retail experience into creating a community where people can know that they are making a difference in the lives of homeless animals.

Kathy Simmers

Board Treasurer

Kathy is a CPA, licensed in NY where she was a partner in Adams & Jaskot LLP. While in NY she served on various non-profit boards.  She’s been the recipient of a number of business awards and was named one the Top 50 Women on Long Island in 2002. A lifelong animal lover, she and her husband, Gil, live on a farm with two horses, a rescued pony,  llamas, chickens, her shelter dog, Roxxy, and four cats. One of her cats, Nate, is a rescue from AniMall. It’s quite a switch from her life in NY, but it is the life she always wanted. She gets excited every time another animal goes home. It means that everything we are doing here at AniMall is so worth it.

Kim Labow

Board Member

Kim is a native of Massachusetts where she first got into animal rescue through the House Rabbit Network. For over ten years she has lived with as many as seven rescued house rabbits and her husband David. Kim and David moved to North Carolina in 2007 and have since adopted four dogs – Macey from 2PawsUp, Oreo and Nyla from Chatham Animal Rescue and Education, and Tucker from Louisville Metro Animal Services. During the day Kim is the CEO of Medfusion in Cary.

David Olson

Board Member

David is CTO of Clinect Healthcare, a healthcare IT company, and founder and head chef of Food4Fidos, a canine bakery and catering company. Growing up in Minnesota, David has always liked animals and always had a rescue cat or two around the house. Since moving to Boston and marrying his wife Kim (see above) he has gained an appreciation for the rescued house rabbit (especially when you have seven!) and enjoys spending time with “the girls” – Macey, Oreo, Nyla and little Tucker.

Merlin 1996 – 2016

Chief Furry Officer

Merlin is a polydactyl Maine Coon cat and he was our store cat for nearly 10 years.

Merlin was adopted and returned several times through the Wake County Animal Center because he had some litter box issues. Many times a neutered cat can start to spray for lots of different reasons. We decided to help him find a home that would be willing to work with him and his litter box problems without making him an outdoor cat. In our search for someone who could adopt him, Merlin quickly became a part of everyday life at the store, sleeping on the desk and greeting customers. It didn’t take long for us to see that Merlin had chosen where he wanted to be. He never had a problem with his litter box here, and it’s mostly because of all the attention and love he got all day long. He loved to be the center of attention and he was truly a part of the AniMall family. We surely miss our sweet Merlin!